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Stop HEEB – the Jewish/Anti-Semitic Print and Online Magazine

March 20, 2009

The supposedly Jewish magazine, HEEB, is holding an online “Fake Holocaust Memoir Competition“. Read through it below – I am truly SHOCKED and APPALLED by this expression of self-hating Judaism and their complete disrespect for the tragedy of the Holocaust. The feature image (included below) is of someone branding their arm with Holocaust numeric tattoos using a magic marker.

Here is the top part of the contest instructions:

“To be sure, false Holocaust memoirs are hardly a recent phenomenon (Next time, Art Spiegelman, do a little research—there was no concentration camp called “Mauschwitz.”). But in recent years, they seem to have become both more common and more crappy. It’s no longer enough to simply say you were in a concentration camp, like Fauxlocaust survivor Benjamin Wilkomirski. No, now you need to have been led across Europe by wolves, or have a chance encounter years later that results in your marriage to the hidden Jewish girl who saved you. Bad enough that these assorted frauds and lunatics should spew this nonsense, but do they have to do such a bad job of it? Have they no shame? The answer, of course, is that they don’t. And so while the rest of the world may turn away or offer the occasional book deal, we cannot remain silent (much less offer a book deal). What we can—no, must—do, is confront this dangerous trend the only way we know how—with a self-aggrandizing and somewhat offensive publicity stunt. And thus, we unveil the Heeb Magazine Fake Holocaust Memoir Competition. Simply write a fake Holocaust Memoir recounting your tale of Holocaust survival, get it to us by April 1, and let us do the rest, which, in this case, involves reading your submissions choosing a winner, announcing the winner on Yom Hashoah (April 21) and publishing the winning entry in the subsequent issue of Heeb. You’re reading that correctly. You could be published in Heeb Magazine, and who knows—maybe you could be on Oprah, too?”

Additionally, the “Feature Interview” this month is with Courtney Love, the widow of Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana. The “article” is here and it is obviously getting some attention as it was featured on Page Six and the focus was primarily on the anti-Semitic nature of Love’s comments ( Here is one of the quotes straight from the “interview”:

Every time you buy a Nirvana record, part of that money is not going to Kurt’s child, or to me, it’s going to a handful of Jew loan officers, Jew private banks… “

This quote is not met with shock or harsh questions in return. Instead, she is celebrated on the cover of the magazine and throughout the website ( AND the Interviewer, at the end of her interview, proclaims: “I think you’re awesome.”

In addition, Heeb sells a DVD that they’ve apparently produced called The Night of the Living Jews (

On the first night of Passover, the residents of a remote Jewish bungalow colony are turned into flesh-eating zombies by matzo with a dark history. On the hunt for human flesh, these Hasidic zombies descend on an unsuspecting gentile family in their quiet farmhouse. The loving mother and father, along with their mischievous son and nubile teenage daughter, face an almost certain end until a mysterious stranger miraculously appears to save the day. In Night of the Living Jews, you’ll journey through a hellish night of terror, romance and a frighteningly non-kosher diet. ($12.50)

This magazine is clearly self-aware – they describe the Holocaust contest as a “self-aggrandizing and somewhat offensive publicity stunt“.

Guess what? Now they got publicity.
Guess what? It is far more than “somewhat offensive. ”
And now, it is time for them to suffer the consequences for their brazen arrogance.

FYI, this is not a tiny magazine. Granted, it is indie, but their own media kit states their stats:

§ 35,000 distribution

§ 15,000 subscribers

§ 165,000 readers (including pass-alongs )

Other publications have described Heeb with apparent respect and esteem:

“Heeb is the best self-esteem booster for the Jews.”
— Village Voice

“One of America’s best magazines”
— Chicago Tribune

“Heeb’s target audience greets new issues like, well, the Second Coming.”
— LA Weekly

Heeb has already been blasted by the ADL and others in the past (See, but it’s clear they are still doing whatever they want. I can only imagine what twisted agenda Heeb is operating under but in truth, that is not my interest or focus. I am informed that there are many Israeli-loving proud Jews working at Heeb. Perhaps they are of the belief that parody, satire, irreverence, and/or “hipness” excuse or justify this type of expression. They are sadly mistaken.

Although we may not be able to influence the content (and perhaps we do not want to give them more attention than the deserve) we should definitely influence the Magazine’s Advertisers – especially those which are Jewish and Israeli Organizations. Looking through the website and the magazine, I found advertisements and co-sponsored events by and with:
  • Birthright Israel
  • American Joint Distribution Committee
  • Jewish National Fund
  • NYU – Skirball Department of Hebrew & Judaic Studies
  • Israel – A Better Stimulus Plan” – A website run by, an organization which “enables young Jews from all over the world to spend a semester to a year in Israel on any of over 160 programs.” According to their website, MASA is made possible by the support of the Government of Israel, the Jewish Agency for Israel Jewish Communities of North America and the Keren Hayesod around the world. MASA is a joint project of the Jewish Agency and the Government of Israel.
  • Gesher – An organization dedicated to “connecting young adults, primarily in their early 20’s and 30’s, to the Jewish community” primarily funded by the JCC Association, the leadership agency of the JCC Movement
  • WUJS Israel Hadassah – A program designed toprovide the ultimate Israel Experience for young Jewish adults from around the world” for recent college graduates. The program is run by Young Judea and funded by Hadassah.
  • Jdub Records – “a non-profit record and event production company striving to build community through new and innovative Jewish music and cross cultural musical dialogue” (

To clarify, I have a great deal of respect for these organizations and I do not believe that they are even aware of the true content of this magazine. After all, Heeb does describe itself, in its Media Kit for interested advertisers (available at, as follows:

“Heeb was first conceived as a response to the real need for a periodical for young Jews. At the forefront of the recent wave of similar cultural expressions, Heeb has become recognized nationwide as a reflection of contemporary American Jewish identity. Heeb’s brand recognition has never been stronger; the magazine has a loyal and passionate readership that looks to it as an authority on arts, culture and politics.”

Although our esteemed Jewish and Israeli organizations may have been taken in by Heeb’s own propaganda in the past, there is no excuse for it anymore. It is imperative that all of these institutions recognize the malignant nature of this “Jewish” magazine and work to ensure not only that these advertisements be pulled immediately, but that such an error should never happen again.

If you have contacts with these organizations or companies, please use them. If you are a member of these organizations, insist that these advertisements stop immediately. This magazine should not be getting one dime from any Jewish or Israeli organization. This magazine should not be sold in any store, big or small.

I am contacting these organizations myself as well as the ADL but any added pressure will help. If you are able to make any headway, please let me know. Note: If and when progress is made, I will let you know.

Thank you for your time and your efforts.


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